Privacy Policy

Due to a large number of cases reported within the last years about theft, stolen and misuse of users’ personal/sensitive information, it has become quite crucial to provide maximum protection to data/information of our respected clients. A majority of internet users shows its extreme concerns over the issue. Therefore, we have taken it very seriously and prepared our Privacy Policy in the best interest of our clients so they can experience a 100% secured and protected user experience. We strongly recommend every casual visitor and prospective client to read our policies carefully.

Basic Purpose of Privacy Policy
The basic purpose of our privacy policy is to tell our clients that they don’t have to worry about security issues while visiting this website or getting our services. Though, we encourage and require users to submit some of their personal information, the only purpose of collecting personal data is to make our services better and more securer, like secured payments procedures. Clients expect to receive best services for which we need to understand what they are actually expecting from us.

Type of Information We Collect?
We respect our clients’ trust in us and always try our best to deliver them best services to their 100% satisfaction. However, it is only possible when we know more about them and for this purpose; we need to know a bit of their personal as well as contact information which enables us to work within a certain time frame. Some of the common things that we encourage our clients to furnish are:

Client Name
Most of the clients prefer to work with us by using an alias but we strongly recommend them to let us know their real names. However, it is not compulsory if you don’t feel comfortable with in.

Residing Country
In some cases, client might also be requested to let us know their currently residing country including zip and/or postal codes.

Contact Numbers
We normally require a valid email address from our client to create an effective communication with them. Additionally, we can also request them to let us know their cell number which is not compulsory but if they give, we can provide them even better and quicker services.

Computer Identification
There is some sort of information such as browser type and IP address, which our website collects automatically. However, we guarantee that this information is never used to reveal the real identity of clients.

Specific Keywords
When a visitor comes to this website, he/she may use certain type of keywords while exploring different pages and their queries are automatically recorded which we later use to help him/her to have a better user experience when they visit next time.

How Users’ Collected Data is Used?
Well, as we determine above that the purpose of data collection is to only improve our services to allow better user’s experience, we use the info for a number of activities such as:

  • In-Time Completion of Received Orders
  • Secured Payment Procedure
  • Effective Communication with customers
  • Creating Client Record
  • While Improving & Updating our services
  • And in various other activities

Is It Secured to Submit Sensitive Info on this Website?
Absolutely! We have had an effective and strong security and data protection system which has been working quite effectively to ensure 100% security against unauthorised access to stored data.

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