Five Phases of Assignment Completion

Completing any assignment is not a matter of few minutes. It takes lot of efforts and in depth knowledge of assigned topic. Despite of all the knowledge a student possesses on that topic, an assignment given by a teacher needs lot of hard work.

What Are the Essential Characteristics of a Good Assignment?

Assignment is a part of building up skills. If someone does not write his assignment by own self and ask someone do my assignment for me, it is unfair for those who do it on their own. Grades are given for the quality, content and accuracy of an assignment. If a student fails to maintain these standards, the assignment is not said to be up to the mark.

Some Essentials of a Good Assignment Are.

  • Simplicity and Understandability. An assignment that has complicated statements is difficult to understand and diverts attention from actual topic.
  • Relevance. An off topic assignment is of no use. Assignment should only be an answer to the given question, and nothing else.
  • Satisfactory answers to problem statement. When a teacher assigns some work to students, it may contain a set of questions to be answered. No question should remain unanswered and no requirement should remain unfulfilled.
  • Authenticity of arguments. Argue on things only for which you are too sure and it can be verified.

Steps to Do An Assignment

An assignment can be completed in five simple steps.

1. Plan
2. Divide
3. Write
4. Proofread
5. Submit

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Each of the steps has a significance of its own and missing any of these steps lead to an incomplete assignment. Have a look at what to do for completion of every step. First and the foremost is planning phase of an assignment. If you have adopted the unjustified do-my-assignment-for-me approach, you will even then have to undergo a planning phase. If someone else is writing your assignment, you have to plan and tell what you need as an outcome of the assignment. If you intend to write your assignment on your own, planning phase becomes more important. A well planned assignment is likely to be nearer to perfection.

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