Struggles of a college freshman

Freshman year at college is probably the most memorable one for every student mainly because they witness a lot of new experiences and scenarios in this year. They immediately realize that college would be very different from high school and they begin to make efforts to fit in the new culture and environment. Regardless of how adaptable you are as a person, there are always some struggles you will come across as a freshman and it is a wise step to learn from these struggles for future benefit.

Experts providing full assignment help to college students usually suggest these students to be aware of the potential struggles so that it is easier for them to deal with it. It is therefore advised that you must get in touch with seniors and inquire about the struggles they faced so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. The quicker you overcome these struggles, the better it is for you because then your college life gets smoother as you get used to the struggles. Following are some ways in which you might struggle as a freshman at college:

  • Bonding with people from diverse backgrounds: A major difference between high school and college is that college usually consists of people from diverse economic, social and religious backgrounds. This is new for freshmen who find it difficult to adapt to this new environment and culture. Be prepared to become friends with students who are not from the same background as yours and try to adjust as soon as you can. This will help you in courses in which there are group projects because struggling to survive with diverse people would lead to problems.You will have to first accept the fact that differences are inevitable and then learn to respect this diversity. Do not hold any grudges against any specific group and you will not face this struggle for long.
  • Managing workload: When that time of semester arrives in which all deadlines are close, you will struggle managing the workload simply because you are not used to it. You will not be sure of whether to buy assignment from an expert or work on everything by yourself because time will be insufficient. One thing that you must know is that it is normal to not perform well in a few components when such a situation arises in your first semester.Nevertheless, this struggle should not continue after first semester so instead of being stressed out because you cannot perform well, try to maximize your learning and avoid the struggle next semester.
  • Deciding the extracurricular activities: The next big struggle of college freshmen is to decide which extracurricular activity to be a part of as their journey begins. Even though students have three to four years at college but it is usually better to stick with one or a set of activities throughout as this improves chances of development and promotion. First semester is crucial in this regard as you will struggle to decide which activities to join and then experience each activity.After first semester, you should be comfortable deciding which activity to continue and the struggle will be over. You will then only have to focus on excelling in those activities for personal growth and learning. I used to pay to write my assignment so that I can spend more time on extracurricular activities and learn.
  • Living a comfortable life in a restricted budget: College freshmen, especially those who decide to live in a hostel, struggle with their budget. They usually work part time and do not have a lot of money to spend extravagantly. This leads to a struggle of living a comfortable life under a given budget ensuring that you do not compromise on health or academics.Always keep in mind that greed can destroy your academic life. In an attempt to earn extra money, students compromise heavily on academics and the consequences are terrible, often leading to dropping out of college. So earn enough to fulfill your basic needs and some extra cash but avoid greed.
  • Understanding the university policies and grading system: The policies at college are different than that at high school and the grading does not work the same way either. Some colleges follow the absolute grading system while others follow relative grading and some follow both. This grading system can be very confusing most of the time as students get unexpected grades on different percentages.Similarly there are certain university policies that you must understand to survive at college. As a freshman, this is a great struggle and hence you must try to understand these policies from the very beginning of your college journey.

By identifying these struggles, you can plan for them beforehand and make your college life smoother.

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