How Can You Write Up Your Higher Physics Assignment for Getting Maximum Marks?

Higher physics assignment is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish and therefore, students usually look for external assistance.  Many students complain that they did everything correctly, yet they did not get expected marks. Well, they might be true in their claim but they might not always be correct in understanding teachers’ expectations. So it is extremely important to understand how to write up an assignment to get maximum marks.

Sometimes, it is all about the matter of understanding things accurately especially when you are dealing with a tough subject. Many students who have excellent understanding of the subject fail to achieve the best results just because they fail to understand how to explain concept of the physics in most appropriate manner. So let’s take a look what are the most common factors to follow while writing a higher physics assignment.

The Assessment of Physics Assignment

When you subject your higher physics assignment, it is assessed on the basis of a number of factors. And if you could figure out even half of those factors, you can hope for the best results. Some of these factors are as follow:


  • Various Sources: The information should be selected from various sources and all of them should be authentic.
  • Use of Units: Graphs, charts, units and calculations should be used wherever appropriate within information.
  • Suitable Reading: Data or information should be presented in an appropriate manner suitable for reading.
  • Analyze Data: The collected information must be analyzed for accuracy before putting into assignment.
  • Justification and Evidences: Different sets of information should be explained clearly supported by justification or evidences.
  • Evaluation: Practical investigations and experimental procedures should be evaluated.

The Basic Structure for Report Writing

When you start writing the report, keep the following structure in consideration as this will help you stay on track:

  • Aim of the assignment
  • Fundamentals of physics
  • Practical experimental procedures
  • Necessary information or other data
  • Conclusion of the research
  • Evaluation process
  • References

What You Are permitted to Do?

Make an aim for your investigation and use your knowledge as well as understanding of the subject. Additionally, use relevant sources for your research.

  • Notes: You can use notes taken during lectures or research.
  • Personal Opinion: You can write, describe and explain your findings in your own words.
  • Word Count: Students are allowed to use a certain number of words so make sure to know the exact number.
  • Material: Investigation material can be used by the authors in their paper.
  • Web: Web reprocess can also be accessed.

What You Are Not Permitted to Do?

If a student has copied underlying physics verbatim, it shows that the student does not have clear understanding of the subject which may be resulted into 0 marks gained.

  • Template: You are not supposed to use a template to write your report.
  • Examples: can be taken as reference but an entire example
  • Attributes: Parts of a website cannot be copied without giving proper attributes
  • Reproduction: The data such as graphs etc should not be reproduced

Some Additional Guidelines to Follow When Writing Physics Assignment

Everything may not always be 100% accurate but you can make it as accurate as possible by following right guidelines. So here are some more guidelines to help you write your higher physics assignment even more efficiently:

  • Aim: Basic aim of the investigation should be explained clearly and it you are failed to do so, this could create confusion for readers.
  • Concepts: If you are looking for the accurate explanation in your paper, you must include proper concepts of physics along with calculations, formulae and other principles. This is how you get the best results.
  • Less Than 100%: On the other hand, if you don’t have 100% understanding of the physics principles but still giving most of the explanations accurately, you can still expect good response.
  • Less Explained: On contrary, if you have used most of the explanation of the concepts inaccurately, you are not supposed to be very hopeful.
  • Passive Voice: For writing a report, the most preferred writing style is passive voice (third person) but of course, it is no mandatory requirement. If you can explain concepts better in active voice, you can use it.
  • End Reference: While you are writing your paper, you can give references wherever necessary within report body but don’t forget that every reference you use in your report must appear at the end as well.
  • Complete URL: If you are giving a reference of a website in your paper, the URL of the website must be included accurately. For example, this is not a complete address instead the complete address is
  • Text Books Reference: If there are text books included as references, the reference should contain details such as book title, author name, page number, edition number etc

Final Words

There is no doubt that physics is a tough subject and writing higher physics assignment is even a bigger challenge for most of the students. However, maximum marks are rewarded to the students who have successfully provided accurate analysis, explanation, evaluation, ideas, findings and physics terminology in their assignment. Additionally, the provision of strong concepts and fundamental principles of physics such as calculations, formulae, refraction, internal resistance etc would be highly effective in grabbing maximum marks in final.


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