Helpful tips for in-class assignment writing

Although most of the assignments you get in college are lengthy ones with several days of deadline, a lot of professors use the in-class assignment writing strategy to assess students’ performance. These assignments are approximately 500 words long and students are given an hour or so to complete them. The main challenge in this task is the time pressure that students have. Also, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality just because there was time pressure so you must know the ways to ace such assignments.

Short assignments can make a significant part of your total grade. These assignments help professors test the thinking, creative and time management skills of every student so they believe it is a great assessment tool at college level. While I often asked others to write my assignment for me, this is not possible with in-class assignments but there is one way in which experts can help and that is with consultancy. These experts can provide you with excellent tips to ace in-class assignments and following are some of the most successful ones:

  1. Improve brainstorming: A very important skill that you must own to be able to ace any writing assignment is brainstorming. Your mind should be trained in a way that it can immediately generate points as soon as you look at any topic. One efficient way of doing this is by practicing. Not much time is consumed in brainstorming so you can randomly choose a topic and start brainstorming several times a week. You will observe that gradually you become better at brainstorming ideas and this will save you a lot of time for in-class assignments.
  2. Spend sufficient time on topic: There are two steps in this process: choosing the topic for the assignment and understanding what the topic wants. If you choose a topic in a hurry, there is a greater chance of you struggling with it. When you look at the topic options, you can immediately eliminate a couple of those because you may not be even slightly interested in them. For the remaining, think about if you know enough related to them because you cannot do any research. Carefully understand the requirement of each topic and only begin when you know what to write.
  3. Always leave at least five minutes for proofreading: Suppose the total time you get for the assignment is 60 minutes. Your aim should be to get help with the assignment in 50 minutes or 55 minutes at maximum so that you have time to proofread the content for grammatical errors and vocabulary. Keep track of the time throughout and avoid exaggeration to meet the word limit. It is better to write slightly less but good quality content rather than several pages of useless information.
  4. Do not panic if someone submits it early: Comparing your performance with others is always a bad option. There are students who do not have enough content to write and so they submit incomplete assignments. Some students do not think much about the topic and begin writing right away and luckily they do not get stuck anywhere. So focus on your own assignment and manage your time.

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