Cancellation Policy

We always try to help our clients in the best of their interest and never want to move the order towards cancellation but sometimes, we can’t avoid it due to some unavoidable situations. There might be so many reasons, for example, our team of writers is badly stuck in some major projects and unable to spare time for other orders or maybe clients don’t let us to continue work on the project. No matter what kind of situation, we go through, we must follow cancellation policy which we have created to eliminate confusions between us and our clients. Therefore, it is really important that you read thorough your cancellation policy before placing your order.

Some of the most common situations are as follow:

If Client Cancels Order…
He/she may have to cancel an order and in this case, the company will consider the genuine reason behind this situation. Keep in mind that our basic aim here is to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, our customer support team deals with this type of case and because the cancellation is from client part, he/she must give a valid reason to think about the possibility of refund. Our customer support team considers percentage of work completion and then decides either to give compensation or not.

If Client Violets Terms & Conditions…
We have proper terms and conditions which have been set by our experts to make sure an amicable and peaceful work completion. Once we receive an order and full payment, these terms and conditions must be followed by clients. In case they fail to do so, it is the company’s discretion to move order towards cancellation and if it happens, no compensation is given to clients. Remember, clients still do not have the right to request for a refund in this situation.

If Company Does Not Have Time…
In case we receive an order but due to some unexpected situations, we are unable to carry out the project, we may prefer to cancel the order. However, in this particular case, we will take full responsibility to make sure 100% compensation. In addition to this, we also make sure that the cancellation is made within the first few days of the order so the client have enough time to find someone else to carry out the project.

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